Soothing Massage Therapy at Our Peaceful Day Spa in Keene, NH

Melt away your stress when you indulge in refreshing massage therapy from Devine Back & Body Care in Keene, New Hampshire. Our full-service day spa offers a variety of treatments that you're sure to enjoy.

Cupping Massage

An ancient technique using suction to remove adhesion's, promote mobility and function, and improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body. Less invasive than a deep tissue massage, cupping promotes similar results within the body, and can have more immediate results in less time. Plastic cups are placed on the body in specific areas based on the client's needs. Negative pressure is applied (using suction) and the cups pull skin, fascia, and muscle tissue to break up adhesion's, knots, and stagnant blood and lymphatic fluids. Cups maybe be moved around the body to help facilitate faster healing and functionality. Cups do leave marks (cup kisses) that go away within 7 days of treatment. The darker the mark the more dysfunction in that area. Minimal massage is used during this treatment.
*Please note that marks may not hurt but they can be unsightly. Plan treatments around major events and activities accordingly.
Available: 25 min for $48, 50 min for $85; Fridays and Saturdays only!
Woman Getting Cupping Treatment At Spa - Chiropractic Clinic in Keene, NH

I dream of cupping massage

80 min blended treatment of both cupping and sweet dreams massage. Leave feeling like you have gotten a workout and relaxed at the same time. A total of about 30 min of cupping and 50 minutes of massage is used in a blended format to help heal those troubled areas and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Available: 80 min sessions only for $130; Fridays and Saturdays only!

Aromatherapy Massage

We are pleased to announce that we are now using doTerra Essential Oils. Essential oils naturally enhance the massage by relaxing and healing the body and the mind. Choose from one of our new aromatic massages:
Deep Breath Massage begins with a facial massage and the application of essential oils to aid in allergy and sinus relief.
Custom Aromatic Massage have our massage therapist design a blend of essential oils that address your specific needs.
Available: $80.00 - 50 minute session
Available: $125.00 - 80 minute session

Sweet Little Massage

Reduce stress, release tension, and soothe your muscles by ordering this short massage for $42. It lasts 25 minutes and focuses on your neck, back, and shoulders.

Sweet Dreams Massage

Relax your muscles and improve circulation throughout your body with this thorough massage, which uses a combination of Swedish and specialized techniques. Choose a 50-minute treatment for $75 or an 80-minute treatment for $115.

Hot Rock Massage

Chase the last bit of tension from your muscles as you radiate with heat from our basalt stones. Trails of heat flow deep within your body, from your feet through your legs, and swirl all over your back. Choose a 50-minute treatment for $80 or an 80-minute treatment for $125.

Aromatic Massage

Soothe your body and calm your mind with this unique massage. During your treatment, oils designed for balancing, soothing, relaxing or detoxifying are applied to your body for stress-relief and purification. Choose a 50-minute treatment for $80 or an 80-minute treatment for $125.

Beautiful Mother Massage

If you're a new or expectant mother, you deserve to be pampered. Our specially-trained therapists relieve muscle discomfort and stress while improving circulation and relieving leg and foot cramping and edema.

Special pillows are used to ensure the care and comfort of you and your baby as pressure and tension in the lower and middle back as well as strain in the neck and shoulders are relieved. We also use special oils to help prevent stretch marks and nourish the skin. This massage costs $75 for a 50-minute treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve yourself of chronic muscle pain with this firmer massage, which incorporates deep compression and works on the joints with some stretching. It costs $80 for a 50-minute treatment.

Happy Foot Massage

Create a sense of wellbeing with this relaxing reflexology treatment that affects all areas of the body. Reflexology is an ancient oriental massage that applies pressure to points in the feet that correspond to individual body parts. Choose a 25-minute treatment for $42 or a 50-minute treatment for $75.

Po River Massage

Soothe tension away with this peaceful massage, which incorporates long strokes using light-to-medium pressure. Mediterranean oils are used to enhance your experience. Choose a 50-minute treatment for $80 or an 80-minute treatment for $125.

Spa Two-gether Massage

Whether you are nestled side-by-side with your partner or giggling with a girlfriend, you and that special someone can indulge in massage services side-by-side in our two-gether room. This 50-minute treatment costs $150.
Contact us to achieve full relaxation with our comforting massage therapy.