Rejuvenating Facial Treatments & Skin Care in Keene, NH

Facial Peels — Facials in Keene, NH
Let your natural beauty shine through when you receive one of our stimulating facial treatments. At Devine Back & Body Care in Keene, New Hampshire, we provide a variety of high-quality skin care services that are designed to keep your skin healthy and strong.

Facial Peels

Our Facial Peels use a chemical solution picked for your skin type. These peels will improve the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. Sun exposure, acne or normal aging can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred. A chemical peel is one of the most cost – effective ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Each of our peels is 50 minutes.

Glycolic Facial Peel $90.00

Our most popular chemical Peel the Glycolic Peel, has been enhanced and renewed for our clients skin care needs. This water soluble alpha hydroxyl acid is the most common peel used to treat fine lines, mild sun damage, shallow acne scars, and uneven skin tone. This Peel leaves the skin refreshed and glowing. It is recommended B-weekly for six to eight weeks for maximum results.

Mandelic Azelaic Facial Peel $90.00

Mandelic is a large molecular alpha hydroxy acid excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Mandelic Azelaic Peel will treat fine lines, pigmentation and acne, leaving your skin clean and fresh. This Peel is safe for those suffering from rosacea and is recommended Bi-weekly for six to eight weeks for the best results.

Salicylic Facial Peel $90.00

Salicylic is an oil soluble beta hydroxy acid that is used to treat skin prone to acne. This Peel will accelerates the skin cell turnover rate, helping to reveal clean pores and less sebum production. Salicylic treats blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, oily skin, and pigmentation from blemishes. This Peel is most beneficial when received Bi weekly for six to eight weeks.

Lactic Facial Peel $90.00

Our Lactic Peel is an alpha hydroxy acid used to treat pigmentation, fine lines (not deep wrinkles), and mild to medium sun damage. This Peel is great for sensitive skin as it is a gentle exfoliant as well as a natural humectant.
* Contraindications: Milk Allergies.

Purchase a series of three Peels for $245.00 (a $25.00 savings)

Facial Treatment — Facials in Keene, NH
Contraindications for chemical peels:
  • Sunburn, broken, or blistered skin
  • Excessive/current sun exposure and/or sunburn
  • Allergy to aspirin
  • Serious medical conditions-heart conditions, diabetes, auto-immune disease
  • Recent facial surgery
  • Used Accutane within the last year
  • Use of Retin-A (discontinue 7-10 days prior to peel)
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Facial waxing (peel is safe after 72 hours after waxing)
  • Present herpes simplex lesions
  • Recent chemotherapy
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, cold or heat
  • Limit exercise-hot tubs or steam rooms (for 24 hours after)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • Discontinue AHA products- for 72 hours, or 6 weeks while doing a series)
  • Use hydrating products
  • Use sunscreen (even on cloudy days!)
  • Do not scratch or peel skin


Nourish Your Skin with Dermafile

For a safe, natural, and effective alternative to microdermabrasion, order one of our Dermafile treatments. These specialized treatments polish and resurface your skin to build collagen and create smooth, fine lines. They also help reduce sun-damage, pigmentation, and acne scaring without harsh chemicals or machines.
You're sure to notice velvety-smooth, rejuvenated skin in just one treatment. We recommend three to four consecutive monthly treatments for maximum results. Select the treatment that best suits you by choosing from one of the following options:

  • Express Dermafile Treatment: $50 for a 30-Minute Treatment
  • Express Dermafile Treatment with Glycolic: $60 for a 40-Minute Treatment
  • Dermafile Facial: $100 for a 60-Minute Treatment
  • Dermafile Glycolic Facial: $110 for a 60-Minute Treatment
Brushing Face — Facials in Keene, NH

Budget-Friendly Treatment Packages

Save money on any of our popular skin care treatments by ordering one of our cost-effective Dermafile packages. For $140, you can receive three Express Dermafile treatments that are scheduled three to four weeks apart.

You can also receive three 60-minute Dermafile facials that are scheduled three to four weeks apart for $275. Make sure to discontinue RetinA products, alpha hydroxyl acid products, and salicylic acid products five days prior to using the Dermafile and three days after using the Dermafile.
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Embrace Flawless Skin with Paraffin

For an ultimate hydrating facial that fights dry skin, schedule one of our Paraffin facials. These one-of-a-kind treatments will transform the way your skin looks and feels.

You're in for a treat when you order our Mini Paraffin Facial treatment. This facial includes a cleansing, exfoliation, Paraffin Masque, and moisturizer.

If you're looking for an all-inclusive service, you'll love our Ultimate Facial Trio. During this service, we'll loosen your dead, dry skin cells with glycolic, buff them away with a Dermafile, and hydrate your fresh skin with Paraffin. Our complete list of prices and treatment lengths is as follows:

  • Paraffin Masque: $85 for a 50-Minute Treatment
  • Mini Paraffin Facial Treatment: $45 for a 30-Minute Treatment
  • Paraffin & Glycolic Facial: $95 for a 50-Minute Treatment
  • Ultimate Facial Trio: $120 for an 80-Minute Treatment

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

  • 50 minutes
Restore a healthier complexion with this deep-cleansing enzyme facial. Ideal for oily or problem skin prone to acne, blackheads or dilated pores. Plant botanicals are used to calm and regenerate the skin in order to balance and normalize secretions. This treatment is targeted to help you achieve a smoother complexion and eliminate imperfections.

Facial Aromatherapy

  • 50 minutes - $80
Created just for our guests, this facial is designed to awake the senses by using essential oils. Our esthetician will design the perfect blend for your needs. This fragrant and purifying facial will relax your face and mind.

Beautiful Facial

  • 50 minutes - $75
  • 25 minutes - $45
Get glowing! Let our esthetician design a facial just for you. This facial will revive and nourish your skin, helping you achieve the healthy radiance of a renewed complexion.

Back Cleansing Facial

  • 50 minutes - $75
More than just a pat on the back. Let us care for and pamper the often- neglected skin on the back and shoulders. Our esthetician will cleanse your back, beginning with steam and followed by a series of specialized products, including an exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), a customized back mask and, finally, a protective lotion.

Gentleman's Facial

  • 50 minutes - $75
This facial treatment is designed exclusively for men. We invite you to take time and treat yourselves to a little pampering. Revitalize your skin with professional cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. This treatment promotes balance in areas where the skin is most prone to stress, leaving your face smooth, healthy and handsome.